About Us

Light Efficient Design has arrived in the UK. The £35 million turnover USA market leader in LED HID retrofit lamps has opened its first overseas subsidiary to service the UK, Europe and the Middle East. With stock at Newbury Berkshire, a national team of local sales managers and fully CE compliant products, LEDUK Ltd is planning to take the UK retrofit market by storm.


The wide range of lamps available will replace discharge lamps from 70w to 1000w and there is even a BC cap SOX retrofit specially designed for the UK street lghting market where the lamp has been sold in large numbers. Payback is usually with 12 to 14 months and we have a savings calculator that can be used to analyse almost every type of installation from 70w SON bollards up to 1000w high bay fittings in large warehouses.


All Light Efficient Design lamps have CE approval and the technical speculation of the lamps is second to none. Key features include:

  • 70,000 hour maglev type LED cooling fans
  • Conformally coated electronics
  • Potted Drivers
  • Protected LEDs
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Full LM79 LM80 data
  • 700,000 lamps sold worldwide
  • Photometric Data
  • Latest high efficacy LEDs
  • Tight colour binning
  • Enclosed fitting safe - we have lamps installed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (+50c) and, at the other end of the temperature scale, Yellowknife (-50c)


This web site has full details of our product range as well as contact information. We have a 60 day trial offer which will allow you and your customers to see just how good our lamps are. We look forward to working with you.